Tips for More Efficient Meetings

Weekly meetings can sometimes cause feelings of anxiety or disdain from employees. Consider these tips to make your meetings run more efficiently, while still covering everything you need to convey.

  1. Only include the most important information. If it can be sent out in an email while still achieving the same efficiency, then do that instead. Save meeting times for issues or projects that require group discussion.
  2. Try setting a shorter time limit. Instead of hour-long meetings, try limiting them to 30 minutes or less. That way, you’re forced to get out the most critical information first, before the 45 minute mark hits and attention is focused more on the clock than on you.
  3. Change up the location. Instead of having your weekly meetings in the same boardroom, try taking employees outside for a meeting if possible. Sometimes changing up the surroundings can do wonders for creativity and lead to livelier discussions.
  4. Allot time blocks for each topic–and stick to them! While it’s important to let creative discussion flow, try limiting the amount of time spent on topics that don’t need as much discussion. By sticking to time limits, you can efficiently cover everything on your agenda, then go back to topics at the end if it’s necessary.
  5. Get creative! Think of new ways to present information that will keep the attention on the presentation during the meeting, instead of on the food truck outside. If employees are engaged in the information, then they will be more likely to soak it all in and remember it.

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