Public Relations for Startups: 6 Tips!

The startup culture is no more a new thing in the United States. More and more people are leaving the 9-5 work culture and starting their own businesses. Google, Apple, Facebook are some of the major corporations that were started out by young people who were driven by passion and determination to bring a change into the lives of people. Today, these companies are worth billions. Following the same passion and determination, there are more than 100 million startups opening each year.

The competition to become the next big thing is brutal. Not just the hard work, but how you market yourself is what matters. Public relations is one such tool that has helped businesses to establish strong brand reputation. The main idea is to get the word out about a company, its products and services to those whose are potentially its customers. Public Relations helps to develop an effective communication process between potential customers and the company.
Media plays a huge role in the promotion of a company. It is important to have good ties with the media and help the business secure positive publicity. It requires careful planning and research for the successful implementation of a campaign. One damaging article in the press can have greater effect than ten positive mentions. Therefore, to understand the media and to deliver its message effectively, small businesses should not ignore public relations.

Advertising is good, but PR can bring long lasting impression and facilitate reputation building. Also, an advertising campaign can cost much more than public relations. Startups do not have huge budget for these campaigns, therefore PR remains the safest bet for them.

Shana Starr, Managing partner at LFPR, an independent global-communications firm that delivers successful public relations to companies in healthcare, technology and financial industries, often writes for the online journal, Entrepreneur. In an article titled, The 6 PR Tips Every Startup Should Employ, she gives out some PR tips that can come handy for every startup organization. Her valuable insights have always been helpful for businesses to understand the definitive role and importance of communication and public relations.

To understand the need of PR and the tips for startups, read the full article here. 


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