Masterful Marketing in the “Digital Age”

In the past, marketing channels were limited to television commercials, radio ads, outdoor signage and print. Today, companies and organizations are able to communicate and build relationships with their customers or members through a multitude of channels. Although traditional media outlets like TV and radio are still relevant, social media marketing is captivating both consumers and businesses. Since we are now living in an era known as the “Digital Age”, it is not surprising that almost everyone has some sort of social media account and most likely spends a significant time on it. With that being said, businesses are eager to place advertisements on these platforms and build an intriguing page to attract a large public following. No longer can businesses devote time to just one element of marketing because the increase in channels calls for integration.

A brand’s message must be consistent across each medium in which it interacts with consumers. This is why marketing in today’s ever-changing, instant environment requires more consideration than ever before. Companies and organizations are investing heavily in marketing and advertising departments to take on the task of promoting and building their brand through the endless channels that are now available; however their execution of the marketing plan doesn’t always pan out.

Here are some ways that masterful marketing can be achieved in the digital world:

  • To engage consumer interest on social media, published content must be creative and engaging. Brands who want to draw a large following must provide the public with unique information that simply cannot be found elsewhere.
  • Because the average adult attention span is 2.8 seconds, content must be made so that it can be absorbed quickly. The most effective way to do this is by utilizing visuals to present the public with what you do rather than explaining it through text.
  • Customers want to know brand’s latest updates, news or promotions, however, they do not want that information exclusively. Companies that utilize social media marketing best mostly publish content that relates to enhancing the lives of their customers instead of product/service offerings.
  • With such short windows of opportunity to grab attention, it is crucial for company websites to open in Internet browsers quickly. Not only is it proven that people will abandon sites that take longer to load, slow sites have even been found to rank lower in search engines.

With all of this being said, it is easy to see that the “Digital Age” has brought many new opportunities for marketers, however the difficulty in fighting for consumer’s attention has only increased.


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