What interns are saying about us.

Here are some testimonials about our company and our staff!

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to be part of the Tourbillon Team. What I’ve learned from you and the projects has been invaluable. You taught me the importance of keeping a network and the value of being persistent. You always had something to teach me every week and I am very grateful for that. Thank you so much!

Martha P., Florida

My experience as an HR Talent Scout Intern with Tourbillon was nothing but incredible. The people I got to work with were all very helpful and friendly. I learned more than I could have ever imagined. I will be able to take much of what I learned with me and apply it in future career opportunities. There was not a time where I did not enjoy what I was doing during my time here. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience

Mackenzie K., Minnesota

As a Human Resources graduate student, Tourbillon Alliance Partners gave me the opportunity to fulfill my first Human Resources internship, which deemed to be very rewarding in the end! This virtual internship gave me the needed flexibility and convenience during my busy school year, to get the hands on experience I wanted with the recruiting aspect of Human Resources (while still being able to be a full-time student as well). It taught me the significance of time management, discipline, and responsibility, qualities which are very critical to possess in real world working environments – if you wish to be successful. This position made me stand out to employers, due to the responsibilities that I was given. I had never encountered any internship in my search that was able to provide me with the responsibilities that Tourbillon had. After the internship, I started being contacted by recruiters from many companies, some of which were in the list of Fortune 500 companies. If you want real hands on experience with recruiting, may it be with resume screening, interviewing, or posting job descriptions on job boards, Tourbillon is the way to go!

Elena K., New Jersey

I started as a social media intern with Tourbillon by chance when my friend working for them recommended me. As an international student who is new to American social media platforms, leading a team to set up and maintain a social media account for a client, and later two, is a huge challenge. But I am grateful to our team members, the American students from whom I learnt how to post in an American way. Also, Dave Mullins as the supervisor gave a lot of instructions and suggestions on my work and life. We discussed not merely how to compose good posts, but how to be a good leader. Besides, different from other internships, a virtual internship demands high self discipline. My last period with Tourbillon was during my Master’s graduation project, and that’s when Dave taught me how to balance school and work. Being a social media intern, you can not just be a social media person; you have to learn from everyone else, such as Dave as a salesperson, which would inspire you with some really great ideas to apply to social media. There is too much to say about what I’ve learnt from this internship, the work, team members and Dave. I truly appreciated this opportunity.

Lisi T., Florida

When I first started my internship at Tourbillon Alliance Partners, I was unsure whether or not a virtual internship would give me the type of experience I was looking for. Throughout my internship, I was able to perform many duties I might not have had the chance to in an already established company. Working for a startup company has given me a chance to wear many different hats, and I am grateful for this. Through my internship I learned that the recruiting side of human resources truly interested me and I was given the opportunity to be on the front lines of networking with schools and interviewing potential candidates. Dave Mullins, Founder of Tourbillon, is a pleasure to work with and is always available no matter where he is or what time it is. This open communication allows any questions you have to be answered immediately, and he is always open to new ideas. Overall, I am certainly happy I was able to find this position and would recommend all of Tourbillon’s internship opportunities to those looking for experience.

Jon P., Connecticut

Interning at Tourbillon Alliance Partners proved to be an incredibly valuable experience that provided me the opportunity to not only strengthen my human resources skills but also widen my understanding of how a growing organization operates overall. Dave Mullins, is a one of a kind supervisor and mentor who genuinely demonstrated interest in helping us reach our highest potential. Through this internship, I learned how to efficiently manage my time, work independently, and how to strategically use social media and online resources to support my HR responsibilities. I believe that virtual HR internships can be the next big thing as it provides individuals a competitive advantage through understanding HR both at the workplace as well as through the virtual world. I would highly recommend those who are interested in human resources to intern at Tourbillon Alliance Partners because the experience is worthwhile and you are provided with a supportive environment where you work with other interns just as passionate about their work as you are!

Kimberly D., New Jersey

The internship experience at Tourbillon Alliance Partners has been very valuable for me. First, all the people, from each intern to our CEO, are very nice and friendly. As an international student, I am respected by each member in the company and given equal opportunity to express my ideas, gain the training and instructions, and do the job that I am interested in. I feel I am a valuable member of the team. In addition, I learned a lot of skills and gained much valuable experience in the field of Human Resources, like how to search for potential candidates, screen resumes, give interviews, choose candidates, train new interns and build up my professional network. Most importantly, in most of my work, I was able to make decisions by myself, which was very exciting

Stella S., New Jersey

Dave Mullins served as my supervisor during a six month social media internship. His managerial practices are centered around the big picture, assuring that interns not only understand ‘what’ they’re working on, but also ‘why’ they’re working on it. He understands interns are often in a place of growth and uncertainty and as such his guidance allows flexibility in working on tasks that highlight your strengths. Dave assisted me in the development of communication skills and allowed me to really make a successful entry into social media, digital marketing, and proper blog management. I completed my internship with skills not only in my field, but strong improvements in networking as well as professional interpersonal skills. I recommend Dave as both a manager and a mentor.

Austin K., New Jersey