How to gain attention for your small business: 3 ways

Small business owners do not have the luxury to hire public relations professionals who would strive day in and day out to get the maximum media publicity for the company, nor do they have enough resources to help them navigate day to day business. But just like any other company, even small businesses need visibility and the right kind of attention from its target audience.

Forbes online magazine contributor Nicole Leinbach Reyhle talks about three ways by which small businesses can easily gain attention for their business. In her article on Forbes titled 3 Ways to Gain Attention for Your Small Business, Nicole urges small business owners to partner with like-minded people for business, to work with the local community and seek media attention. The points she listed out in the article has been summarized below –

Partner with like-minded people

It helps to partner with like-minded people who can be of help in the business. If you have an event management business, it definitely helps to have friends who are in the flower, bakery or catering business. The influx of new customers is certainly a perk, as are the opportunities to continuously work with businesses that have the same goal in mind of gaining customer attention and succeeding in being a small business owner.

Work with the local community

Sponsoring local events or indulging in charity work for the development of the local community helps to gain visibility for your business. Additionally, when offering your expertise in select situations on a volunteer basis, it’s ideal to make sure you gain business awareness in return. Often this may be with your logo inclusion in community or charity marketing pieces, other times this may include a formal press release about your participation. Be sure you clearly identify in advance what you expect in terms of visibility in exchange of your services.

Seek media attention

Don’t share stories that media expects to hear, share something that is unique. Instead of reaching out to the media with the idea of simply featuring your business, give them a reason to want to feature your business. As a small business owner, you know more than anyone the value in gaining attention for your business. The key is to consistently seek attention while making sure it’s both quality and deserved.

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