The Facebook Marketing Machine

Facebook has transcended its original purpose as a social networking site solely focused on forming friendships and has become a huge vehicle for advertising.

As a result companies are placing more and more of their revenue into the Facebook marketing machine, which consists of maintaining company Facebook pages and Facebook-only promotions that appear on a user’s home page, many of which are tailored to the individual.Facebook Marketing Machine

Facebook uses information from a user’s profile to spotlight specific companies and advertisements that will appear relevant to a user’s homepage. They compile demographic information such as age, gender, location and education as well as more personal aspects like relationship status. The site also uses psychographic information, the majority of which comes from users’ “Like” preferences. The Like” button has become the most frequently used trigger for personalized ads. Amazon is just one of many companies that pays Facebook to produce ads when users click, Like, or reference their brand or products. Even if the Like button isn’t clicked, Facebook still knows that you have looked at that specific webpage and shown interest.

Another way companies use Facebook is by creating their own Facebook page where they can communicate and interact with potential customers. By creating a company Facebook page businesses enable themselves the ability to connect with millions of users around the globe. According to MSN, Coca-Cola has more likes than any other companies Facebook page in the world with over 84,000,000 likes.

In order to garner a large audience on Facebook it is imperative to remember the importance of creating engaging content for users. Including pictures and videos is one to effectively do this. This is because often times the first thing Facebook users check is photo updates. Descriptions can only go so far…after all, a picture does speak a thousand words. Additionally, it is crucial to maintain up to date information on a company’s Facebook page. Make sure to update your fans with everything regarding your business that you want to make public.


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