Do Facebook Ad’s Even Work?

It’s actually pretty simple, Facebook advertisement works by allowing you to target specific demographics you want to reach. With a plethora of option to choose from, this allows companies to find the exact audience they want to reach. In terms of spending, you choose how much are willing to spend daily and how long you want to spend it.
You might say, great sounds easy, but does this actually reach out to people who potentially can give me sales? The answer is yes, and here’s why.

Facebook ads should be used because of its ability to reach a large audience. According to Kiran Ross from Kansas City Business Journal, “with 1.15 billion people worldwide using Facebook, it simply cannot be ignored as a platform for marketing and must be included in your digital strategy for 2014.” In today’s digital age, Facebook has the best chance to reach all kinds of people, from all kinds of backgrounds. This is all great, but to reach this audience one needs to have a strategy, a marketing plan. Just because you are advertising on Facebook doesn’t necessarily mean you are reaching out to the people you want. Here are a few tips that Cokey Falkow from suggested when thinking of strategies:

• What are your ads going to look like?
• Are you refining your audience features to reach an exact demographic?
• Are you tracking the results using Facebook insights once the people who do click the ad come to your website or Facebook page?

These are just some of the few things to think about when planning to use Facebook ads, but the most important thing is that you first come up with a plan before you actually spend money. With the potential that Facebook ads has, it simply can be ignored.

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