Why Mobile Apps are a key to success: Part 2


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So, as a business owner, how exactly do mobile apps work to your advantage? Building your own application opens up your business to a larger client base. Seriously—from the people who merely Google your business in curiosity, to the loyal client who mentions it to their friends and family in passing—you’re opening up the opportunity to reach a high volume of customers in a quick, easy, convenient way—in a short period of time.

As soon as an individual downloads the app, they will immediately become more familiar with its logo, services, and content. A small piece of your business will now constantly be on a portable screen, ready for interaction. So it is no secret that customer loyalty goes through the roof with an app! What if you engage your customer with promotional offers for downloading and spreading the word about your app? Or what if your app sends the customer a notification whenever they are in the area of your business? Enticing a customer with appealing promotional content will ensure rapid business growth.

Also, consider the strategy of online sales and marketing. With the amount of time spent on mobile devices every day, a business becomes more memorable and inviting with a mobile application. Individuals will build a relationship with the logo, better known as brand recognition, while accessing a useful channel for information and sales. These are all critical steps into building a business with dedicated customers and promising long-term return.

Mobile apps are a key to success and should be an integral part of your marketing strategy! They will launch your business into a whole new territory with big results. High impact, quick return. But you knew that already.

Hasn’t your business waited long enough?

Parties, Cellphones and Expert’s


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Over the holidays, while at some friend’s house I walked into the sunroom. I found six people sitting there. Each of them was using their smart phones – very intently. As I commented on the beautiful day, I noticed that some were texting, some surfing and some playing games. Naturally, cell phones play an integral role in our everyday lives.

What was surprising to me was that two out the six people mentioned above were over 50 years of age. In fact one of them was slightly over 70. It was blatantly obvious that smart phones now bridge the generation gap!

It occurs to me that all of the expert opinions about sales over smart phones, mobile website optimization and mobile apps must be true. Most of the experts are predicting a tremendous increase in sales over smart phones in the next 4-5 years. Some go as far as predicting it to be over 50%. And, it will continue to grow from there!

After what I witnessed over the holiday, there is no doubt in my mind that this method of buying goods and services is going to explode! Make sure you consider “How do my clients want to do business with me?” Smart phones… they are no longer just for “kids”. If you’re a small business owner or service provider, get on board with this trend. Otherwise, you will surely be left behind!