Helpful Tips for Growing and Maintaining Your Small Business

Starting and maintaining your own small business can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are some helpful, and inexpensive, tips that can have a high impact in the success of your small business.

1. Use Customer Feedback Wisely. Change is good. If something about your product or services just isn’t working, then take customer feedback into account. Your product is out there to be used, so the user opinion is important. However, their feedback should never harm the integrity of your product or service. Use your best judgment, but definitely read reviews and emails.

2. Have Good Customer Service. As a consumer, the worst thing that can happen when having a problem with a product or service is for your complaints to be ignored or fielded by cranky and rude customer service people. Bad customer service can be a huge turn-off to working with a company in the future. As a small business, be cognizant of how you handle customer service situations and do your best to be courteous and quick in response time. It’s a very small effort, but it can make a huge difference to any consumer, and will keep them coming back to your business over someone else’s.

3. Network! Sometimes, it comes down to who you know, not what you know, that can give your small business an advantage. If you have contacts that can help you, then use them! If you don’t have contacts, try joining some kind of small business organization. If you are in the Connecticut area, look up CSBNG, the Connecticut Small Business Networking Group ( Groups like this connect small business owners in the area with each other. They help each other out and are a great way to make contacts if you don’t have many in your field.

4. Use Social Media. Social media is essentially free advertising for your small business. Having multiple social media accounts for your small business is important for reaching a larger audience. The majority of people are on social media, so your possibility of those you can reach is almost endless. Take advantage of everything that social media sites have to offer, like hashtags on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, and the like and comment features on Facebook. This will get your small business in the search when people are looking through hashtags. Liking and commenting on pages relevant to your company will allow other pages to see yours, and potentially attract new customers. You can see your reach and chart your progress on Facebook, which can provide insightful statistics for your company. Social media is taking over, and this is one trend that is very important for any small business to jump on.