1099 Commissioned Sales Reps

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We are currently seeking 1099 Commissioned Sales Reps to join Tourbillon Alliance Partners. Commissioned Sales Reps call their own shots.  You work when you want, how you want, and even where you want! We have no territories and no minimums! This is an awesome opportunity to make high commissions. Initially you will be selling our core product, Mobile Applications, to the small business community. Businesses are asking for—and needing—these products! Our sales commissions grow to 50% of our gross revenue on every sale. Once you get to a commission level, you stay there—no need to qualify each and every month. We pay commissions weekly—faster than anyone else in our industry! Sell it this week; get paid next week. Prove yourself a little, and we will supply you with warm leads to businesses who are interested in what we offer! These leads come from our social marketing efforts as well as from referral partners.

You will also participate in our expansion efforts into your community. We provide mobile apps to nonprofits and charities at no out of pocket cost to them. We then look to the small business community for sponsorship commitment. Essentially, we give our app away and then find sponsors to cover our costs. When you sell a sponsorship to a business (or an individual), you make a commission.

Wonder how the 1099 Commissioned Sales Rep position can be a fit for you? Please listen below: 

Is Tourbillon a fit for you?

This position offers the right candidate an opportunity to be a part of an innovative and productive team of professionals who are blazing a new path in the industry. You will be given the chance to learn valuable skills and collaborate with our highly skilled sales team in order to reach your full potential while receiving high percentage, uncapped commissions. Come be a part of an amazing team of motivated professionals who are dedicated to bringing beneficial change to the world of small business!

Additional Benefits:
Our team of full time Outside Sales Associates comes from our 1099 commission only sales force. Prove yourself, and you may be invited to join the Outside Sales Team with the additional benefits of a Base Salary plus Commission, expense reimbursement, paid vacation, etc.

We will encourage you to grow and develop as you:

  • Identify and generate new business opportunities and potential clients to create a strong customer base 
  • Help us develop and execute our company sales plans and goals in a strategic manner 
  • Maintain good relationships with current and potential clients 
  • Create your own new and innovative presentations of our products and services for current and potential clients 
  • Identify potential upsell opportunities with clients for relevant products and services 
  • Interact with your sales accounts to ensure quality service is upheld and generate referrals to more businesses
  • Remain up-to-date with research on current market conditions and competitors 
  • Share your thoughts and ideas with our sales executives to ensure continuous best practices

You bring to the table:

  • Experience with solution selling methods and commission based (1099) sales 
  • Strong understanding of relevant computer applications 
  • Understanding of customer service and basic business principles 
  • Proven ability to meet/exceed projected sales goals in prior positions
  • Knowledge of up-to-date selling techniques and ways to generate new business


  • Excellent written, verbal, and interpersonal skills 
  • Passion for sales with a strong drive to succeed 
  • Burning desire to learn and grow personally and professionally 
  • Positive energy, professional appearance, and winning disposition 
  • Ability to adapt and think creatively to realize potential for business opportunities in all facets of life 
  • Strong organization and time management skills 
  • Ability to work independently while still being a team player
  • It will be very helpful to your sales efforts if you own (or have access to) a tablet computer with your own Wi-Fi service.


Pay is commission based (commissions are paid weekly). You will have the opportunity to achieve substantial income as well as advancement within our company. Tourbillon Alliance Partners has a number of referral partners to supplement your leads once you prove yourself. If you are currently working in business to business sales, or with commercial accounts, this is a great opportunity for you to complement your income and get referrals in return. 

Is this you? Submit your resume here. Once reviewed, we will email you a link to schedule an interview with us.

If you are still not convinced that Tourbillon is the right place for you, please check our list of  "Great reasons to love this job!"